Saturday, November 6, 2010

Special stuff at the Halloween party

There are several special things that are only offered at the party. The Villian show is one of them. After we met Mickey and Minnie we headed to the Castle to watch the Villian show on the stage.

After the show the Villians come down in front of the stage to "mix and mingle". We were in line for Cruella but then Jafar came down and I wanted to see him more.

Then we kinda stumbled upon the Queen of Hearts.

They have special fireworks called Hallowishes. These are by far the best fireworks I have ever seen. Of course I could not get any really good pictures. I put my camera on the fireworks setting (which has worked well for me in the past) but did not have a tripod (which is really a necessity). Actually I did have my mini tripod in my backpack and I was hoping to get beside a trash can to watch the fireworks but that didn't happen. Oh well, the fireworks look pretty good in the picture but the castle is blurry.

We walked over to meet Tarzan, Jane and Terk while my mom found us a spot for the parade.

Then we watched the Boo To You parade. A spectacular parade!

After the parade my mom and Kaitlyn left and went back to the room but Kyle decided he wanted to trick or treat some so we had one hour left of the party.
We saw Cinderella's carriage but the line was long so we didn't wait, just snapped a quick pic as we walked by.

We met Buzz

And danced with Jessie, Woody and Bullseye for a few minutes.

Then we met Rafiki, Genie and Jasmine, and King Louie

The party was great and I would definitely recommend going. I hope to one day try the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party too.

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Jennifer Willoughby said...

You got some AMAZING pics in this post!!!!