Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Song of the South

One of my favorite childhood movies is Song of the South. I happen to have it on vhs tape (with japanese subtitles) and a friend of mine made a dvd from that. So we are watching it right now. Kaitlyn has seen this movie before but does not remember it. It is such a good movie and I really hate that we had to get all politically correct and Disney cannot release it anymore. I mean we discuss slavery in history books, what would be so wrong with discussing it at home. The question of it does not come up when we watch the movie. The kids just think it is a fun movie about an old man telling stories about a rabbit and a fox. I really would just like to tell people to get over themselves and have a zipadedodah day!

Swimming video

The other day I figured out how to post a youtube video on my blog. So I then decided I could post this swimming video. It is from about a month ago of the kids and John swimming at Luke's. It was the first time I used the video feature on my camera so I was really just trying it out.

Sunday, July 29, 2007


I had to change my "mood" symbol on my myspace page today to irritated. Why you ask? I went to a baby shower today at church, I was gone for 2 hours and I come home to this:
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My DH (which for me means dumb husband, not dear) was sleeping while my children decided to "play" with some of my games. This is the mess that I found. The Win, Lose or Draw, Bible Trivia, Battle of the Sexes, Taboo, Pit, Mastermind, and Guesstures game pieces were all over the floor. Now of course I want them to pick up all the pieces (which has not occured yet) but then I will have to go through all of them and 'fix' it back like it is supposed to be (nice and neat). ARR, such a pain.

Then I also begin to think how much I enjoy playing these games. The group of friends that I had in college and a couple years there after would play all the time, that is why I have many of these games in the first place. Oh how I wish I had someone and somewhere to play these games with again. Those were good times.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Going to Gran's

Kyle got to go to my mom's to spend the night tonight. Kaitlyn has been spending the night over there for a while now and it finally got to be Kyle's turn. He was so excited.

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My mom also bought him a racetrack to play with at her house. He loved this and immediately began racing the cars down it.

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And my camera is still not working so I had to take these with my cell phone. They are a little fuzzy. Oh well.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I can't find my kids

My children have plenty of toys. I try to weed them out every now and then. Kyle has several of the Little People sets (the farm, the zoo, a car wash, etc.). Kyle does a good job of playing with all his toys and is even pretty good about putting them away when it is time to pick up (I cannot say the same for Kaitlyn but that is a different post). He is almost 4 so I decided that it was time for the Little People to go to a different home. There is a girl at church who has a 1 yr. old little girl and a newborn boy. I thought they would be a perfect new home for these toys. So today while Kyle was at school I put them all in a bag and put them in my car. He came home from school and went to his room and began playing. A few minutes later he came out and said "hey I can't find my kids".

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday = Family Time

Our usual Sunday ritual after church is going to John's brother's house. His mom comes out and cooks for us, the kids get to play, and the 'sisters' talk. I so much enjoy our Sunday afternoon time even though it does take away my afternoon nap. This began about 2 years ago. We sometimes refer to his house as the party house. He has playstation 3 and X-box hooked up to a giant tv, pool table, a dartboard (which we never play anymore), a slot machine (with tokens), wireless internet (so we all bring our laptops) and an above ground pool in the backyard. The kids are in heaven over there. We are trying to talk our way into him building an inground pool, he has almost caved. We also leave the kids bikes and stuff out there, which I am sure he loves us doing. There are usually about 15 of us (including the kids). We love it!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Volleyball Scene

So tonight I am flipping channels (usually a male past time I know). Top Gun is on. This movie is probably in my top ten favorite movie list (not that I have actually written one out). This movie to me is classic slumber party movie. When I was younger we loved to watch it. Some were confused by our love of the movie, isn't this more of a guy movie? Why no, why do girls love this movie? Two words: Volleyball Scene. Thank goodness for Tivo and the rewind feature. :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Busy Day

Today we went to Ryan's birthday party for lunch at his home. There were 6 kids Ryan's age (3) or around there, 2 younger siblings and 1 older sibling (Kaitlyn). The moms of these children are all good friends (and all scrapbookers I might add) and one of us (not sure who) had the crazy idea to get a picture of all the kids. Yeah, like that was going to happen. Well we got some of them in the photo and then of those actually in the photo not all of them were happy about it or paying attention.

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We did enjoy some "mom talk" and heard some interestingly exciting news. The kids had a fun time and the cake and pizza was really good. So kudos to you Amy for a great party (or maybe play date with extras).

Kaitlyn also had her last swimming lesson of this year. This is the second year she has gone to swimming lessons and is doing quite well. She can almost dive, just needs a little more practice. Of course my camera is broken so I had to rely on the ole 35 mm for the swim pictures, they will have to be added later.


Okay, so I had the comments turned so that only blogger people could leave comments. I fixed it now so anyone can leave a comment. So feel free to comment away.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Video Games

I have the original nintendo game system hooked up to the tv in my bedroom (why you might ask, I don't know, that is not the point here). Kyle has suddenly wanted to play games on it. He is only 3 and cannot manage the buttons well but it will not be long until he is a pro. Then I am sure the 1985 game system will not be sufficient (especially since he can play the playstation 3 at his Uncle Luke's). However it works for now. He has somewhat figured out the buttons on the teenage mutant ninja turtles 3 game. This can be played with two players (thank goodness for that). Kaitlyn and Kyle were both playing tonight. Well on this game both of the turtles on battling the bad guys at the same time. Kyle began to talk to the tv (a common occurance among serious gamesters) and say "don't you hurt my sister".

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Friday, July 13, 2007


Kyle loves cars. He of course gets this from his daddy. He will play for hours by himself with his cars. He lines them up just so. A lot of times he even color codes. I am thinking this means something just not sure what yet. He is a virgo though so he will be particular about things no doubt.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007


One of my favorite "me things" that I do is play bunco. I am in a group of 12 women (all from church). We had our bunco night tonight. I rolled 4 big buncos (which is a rare thing, especially for me) so I won a prize.
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Between all of us we rolled 22 big buncos, we of course think it is a world record.
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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Exercise or look at books?

On Monday I was just playing around with my camera. Kyle is my kid who loves to pose for a picture. He is also the one who likes to look at the scrapbooks that I spend all my time and money on (at least somebody in my house appreciates them). Here he is sitting in the ablounge looking at the books. When he caught me trying to take an "in the moment" photo he had to smile but I still managed to get a few of him not looking.

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Monday, July 9, 2007

Let's try this out

Well here goes, I am going to try and post a picture. Kyle and I were having fun today taking pictures of ourselves. Only a couple of them turned out any good. I am going to attempt to upload them without resizing (well apparently you do have to resize, let's try for the third time now). My blogging friend is out of town so this will have to do until she returns.
This one I thought was real cute, kinda cut off Kyle but you know.
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And this one is a little blurry but still okay.
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New to blogs

Well I am trying to get into this blogging thing. I have a lot of questions so it may take me a while so bear with me.