Thursday, December 30, 2010


I tried to take a picture of some of my ornaments on my tree (though I am not good with up close so I have edited them a tad). I have an idea for a mini-album that I want to do but I have some ornaments up the attic that I haven't gotten down in a while that I also want to include.

My friend Paula brought me this one back from Disneyworld last year (and I can't believe I didn't buy myself one this year when we went)

Kaitlyn got me this one from the Santa Shop at Breakfast with Santa one year.

Kelley made all the bunco girls these one year. It says Silly Sisters on the other side.

I just like these!

I can't remember if my mom or my stepmom gave me this one but I have this pattern of Christmas china.

I got this one from ladies day a couple of years ago. I think I sat at the "Diva" table decorated by Jennifer W. and Michelle P. and we got to bring these home.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

some random Christmas photos

Here are some random Christmas shots that I didn't include in the posts about Christmas:

A poinsetta I bought from a student

Kyle playing with a racetrack my stepmom got him

me trying to flambe my dessert on Christmas Eve (there is a funny story with this but it has to be in person or you don't get the full effect)

Justin and Mandy

my aunt got Kyle "rock em sock em robots" and he challenged everyone to play him

Ashley opening a Dora present

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New ipod

Luke got me and John an ipod touch for Christmas! I was so excited. I really want an iphone but I don't want to pay for it and the ipod does everything but be a phone. I am already addicted to the games and downloading apps (mostly free ones). This will also help cut down on the fighting between Kaitlyn and Kyle when Kyle wants to play on the ipod and Kaitlyn won't share hers. Now he can just play with ours.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Morning

Santa came!

The elves must have made a lot of pillow pets this year because I think just about every kid got them. We got the puppy dog and dolphin at our house.

Kyle also got a real basketball, Toy Story army men, and more K'Nex.

Kaitlyn got some rain boots, ear muffs, a puffy vest and a Vera Bradley purse.

My attempt to take a shot of my tree lit up.

And I must have been really tired because my Christmas morning pictures are real blurry.

Now time to unwrap gifts from Mom.

Christmas Eve at my mom's

We always go over my mom's house on Christmas Eve along with my brother and his fiance. There is an insane amount of presents to open. My mother loves Christmas and decorating and wrapping presents and all that!

Kaitlyn and Kyle always pass out the gifts.

Somebody has been good this year (those would all be for me!)

Kaitlyn got a docking station for her ipod.

Kyle liked playing in a box

I think every little boy I know got this toy for Christmas.


Then Kyle got my camera and started to take pictures. He turned off the flash so they are kinda orangey. He wanted a camera for Christmas but I thought he was a little young. Maybe I will get him one next year.

Then I got my mom this picture of her graduating from college along with a poem my Grandma wrote her framed.

Friday, December 24, 2010

putting up the tree

After I called John a grinch on facebook, he went the next morning and got our tree and ornaments out of the storage unit. So we didn't put the Christmas tree up until Christmas Eve Eve but at least we got it up. I let the kids decorate it however they wanted.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Downtown Christmas

We went downtown tonight for a fun Christmas night with my stepmom. First we ate at the Rendezvous, so good! Then we walked through the Peabody to see the decorations. Next we went on a carriage ride and the kids wanted the pretty Cinderella looking carriage. Finally we went to Kooky Canucks for dessert.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Early present

I let the kids open one early present today. Only because Kaitlyn was getting an ipod touch and it was for her birthday and Christmas combined. And since Kaitlyn was getting something, I let Kyle open something too.

She was ecstatic! She has been talking non stop about getting one of these for a while.

And I have a feeling I will be seeing this a lot now:

And Kyle now wants one.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Hot Fudge Peanut butter pudding cake

AKA: richness in a bowl

I made this stuff the other night and man was it good but so rich. You make this in your crock pot. It is not pretty in the bowl so if you need a dessert with pretty presentation, this is not the dessert for you. However if you need a dessert that tastes really good, then this is the dessert for you. Here is the link to the recipe and a better looking picture. I have gotten several good recipes from this persons blog.
Hot Fudge Peanut butter pudding cake

Friday, December 10, 2010

decorating cookies

Kyle had been begging me to make some sugar cookies so that they could decorate them. I just made simple sugar cookies and let them ice them with regular white icing. Then gave them some sprinkles to 'decorate' with. They were thrilled!