Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mickey Mouse

Mickey appears in many different forms all over Disneyworld. We met him as Farmer Mickey (at Garden Grill), in his regular outfit at Epcot, Magician Mickey at the Halloween party, Safari Mickey at Tusker house in Animal Kingdom, Sorcerer Mickey at Hollywood, and Hawaiian Mickey at Ohana. We also saw him dressed in his Celebrate outfit in the Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It party and his dreamy outfit in the Dream along with Mickey stage show. There are several other ways he appears as well that I want to see next time we get to go to Disney, specifically Chef Mickey and in his Christmas outfit. Of course the other goal the next time we go back is to let Ashley (my niece) actually meet Mickey. Her bad parents took her all the way to Disneyworld and she did not even meet Mickey (or any other characters). This is what I call horrible parenting (haha!) and I will make sure to remedy that hopefully in November or December of next year!


Holly Aytes said...

It is amazing how many different ways you see Mickey! I agree...horrible parents! I mean who takes their kid to Disney and doesn't introduce them to at least Mickey! LOL PS Love your blog music..takes me back :)

Steve said...

Just how many different outfits does one mouse need, anyway?