Monday, April 30, 2012

Week in the Life

I have posted about my Project Life layouts before but most of those pictures never make the blog. I take most of the pictures for that with my phone. This past week Ali Edwards does a week in the life project. I sorta did that but it is kinda redundant since I am already doing Project Life. I am not making a separate album for this week but this week in PL will be a little more picture heavy than usual.

Here is some of the everyday life pictures I took of us this past week (April 23-29).

counting money

pajama pants day at school

I don't think this Sonic in Arlington is ever going to be finished

playing at the playground after school

eating at McAlister's

then TCBY yogurt bar

eating at Dixie Cafe

Kyle had to take a snack each day for TCAP and wanted me to draw him a picture on his sack, this was about the best I could do

cooking a new recipe

playing draw something

bball game

church potluck

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cute kid pics

I always try to take several good pictures of my kids while at the Opryland hotel because it is so pretty. My kids are getting less and less cooperative for this though. It really bugs me. Here are some of the ones I got.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Saturday L2L

Saturday we only had song leading to do that day so we ventured over to the OpryMills mall, it had just reopened the week before after being closed for 2 years following the flood.

Kaitlyn had song leading at 4:30 and Kyle at 5:15. My mom took Kyle but I missed his since Kaitlyn made the finals and had to sing her song again.

Kylie, Kaitlyn and Oliva all three made the finals.

Then they swept the awards and won 1st (Olivia), 2nd (Kylie) and 3rd (Kaitlyn)! They were so excited!

Group Scrapbook Winner's Circle -- Bartlett Woods 1st place!

All the K-2 participants on stage

All of our BW K-2 participants. Most of these kids (all but 5 of them) are 2nd graders and will get to compete next year. We're going to need to recruit some new K-2 participants to have a bigger group next year.

And this is Kaitlyn's individual scrapbook that she should have won a ribbon for but was robbed, haha!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Friday L2L

If this past Sunday was Easter that means we were in Nashville for Lads to Leaders! We arrived at the Opryland hotel on Thursday night. Friday morning I went to judge scrapbooks then Kyle had Bible reading followed by puppets for Kaitlyn. The award show on Friday night is not near as exciting as Saturday nights but we still win a few awards and get to yell a little.

6th grade puppet team, they may not have won but they did a really good job!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Egg hunt

We had our egg hunt at church yesterday.

The 4th-6th graders were given a different twist on the egg hunt and some of the eggs had a scavenger hunt item in them to then find. Kyle decided he wanted to go with the bigger kids and do the scavenger hunt so he and Josh were partners.

This was Kaitlyn's last year to participate, she really thought she was too big for it this year and wouldn't even get her basket out. Then she realized she had too many eggs to hold and finally agreed to get the basket. 

Kyle and Josh won the scavenger hunt. That fuzzy hat was one of the items to find in the hunt. 

Kaitlyn had to leave early to go to softball practice. Kyle played for a little while longer. Then wanted to do the egg toss before we left.

He and Chris were partners and won. But then they kept throwing the egg for fun. It finally broke right as Kyle was catching it and splattered all over his face. It was so funny!