Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Saturday L2L

Saturday we only had song leading to do that day so we ventured over to the OpryMills mall, it had just reopened the week before after being closed for 2 years following the flood.

Kaitlyn had song leading at 4:30 and Kyle at 5:15. My mom took Kyle but I missed his since Kaitlyn made the finals and had to sing her song again.

Kylie, Kaitlyn and Oliva all three made the finals.

Then they swept the awards and won 1st (Olivia), 2nd (Kylie) and 3rd (Kaitlyn)! They were so excited!

Group Scrapbook Winner's Circle -- Bartlett Woods 1st place!

All the K-2 participants on stage

All of our BW K-2 participants. Most of these kids (all but 5 of them) are 2nd graders and will get to compete next year. We're going to need to recruit some new K-2 participants to have a bigger group next year.

And this is Kaitlyn's individual scrapbook that she should have won a ribbon for but was robbed, haha!

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