Monday, April 30, 2012

Week in the Life

I have posted about my Project Life layouts before but most of those pictures never make the blog. I take most of the pictures for that with my phone. This past week Ali Edwards does a week in the life project. I sorta did that but it is kinda redundant since I am already doing Project Life. I am not making a separate album for this week but this week in PL will be a little more picture heavy than usual.

Here is some of the everyday life pictures I took of us this past week (April 23-29).

counting money

pajama pants day at school

I don't think this Sonic in Arlington is ever going to be finished

playing at the playground after school

eating at McAlister's

then TCBY yogurt bar

eating at Dixie Cafe

Kyle had to take a snack each day for TCAP and wanted me to draw him a picture on his sack, this was about the best I could do

cooking a new recipe

playing draw something

bball game

church potluck

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