Thursday, May 29, 2008

More Water Slide

The kids spent Memorial day on the water slide again. Uncle Luke joined in on the fun and Kyle decided it would be way fun to slide down on this float like at a water park.

This made me think of how much fun we used to have at Adventure River back when I was in junior high. I so wish we still had Adventure River, Kaitlyn and Kyle would have a blast. Hopefully we will be able to go to the water park in St. Louis when we go in a couple of weeks.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wow house

Kaitlyn and I drove out to Eads today to buy some stamps from a lady on a local mommy message board that I am on. On our way to her house we passed by this house. Kaitlyn was really impressed (as was I). So we decided we should take a picture (I am training her early here). She was upset to not see a pool in the backyard because in her mind no house that big should be without a pool (even though it has a lake in the backyard).

Saturday, May 24, 2008


I went to Bolton's graduation today because Ben was graduating. I have been teaching at Bolton for 9 years and had never been to a graduation. I am not sure how I got out of it all these years. And this year I went because of family, not because I had to as a teacher. I didn't get any pictures of Ben (I think Luke may have) but of course we got another sister photo.

Friday, May 23, 2008

So relieved

because "school's out for summer". I have been singing that song all day long. I am so glad for this school year to be over. Hopefully I will be able to get some things done around my house. John let Kaitlyn and Kyle stay home with him today and my house is a wreck. We are toying with some vacation plans. We might go to Disneyworld with my in-laws. We might go to Gatlinburg to Dollywood and to see some friends or we might just go to St. Louis. All I know is we are going somewhere, I don't think the four of us have ever been on a vacation together. It is time.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Last soccer game

Kyle played his last soccer game tonight. He enjoyed playing soccer and so I signed him up to play again in the fall. I think we are going to play soccer in the fall and t-ball in the spring.

Here is his team minus one little boy that wasn't there tonight.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hours of fun

Luke went to Toys R Us yesterday and bought this huge water slide. The kids were so excited to play on it. They played for about 2 and half hours last night. They were completely worn out when we went inside and it did not take anytime for them to fall asleep. Then this morning when we got home from church they immediately put their swimsuits on and constantly asked "mom can we please go to uncle Luke's?" We are going to get hours and hours of fun out of this thing.

Finally Softball time

Kaitlyn finally got to play a softball game yesterday morning. The games seem to take forever and most of the girls just walk. Kaitlyn got up to bat and she did not swing at any of the pitches. She had 2 strikes but ended up walking with 4 balls. She did get to come all the way home and score a run.

When the played in the field she played in rightfield. She was completely bored.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

At the Zoo

My mom works for Methodist and they had an employee night at the zoo. They had tickets for $6 which included zoo admission and parking along with a hamburger and hot dog meal. We thought it was a really good deal. It was such a pretty night for going to the zoo. Kaitlyn pet a snake and Kyle really liked the fish.

We also saw a sea lion show and then one of the sea lions would come up to the glass and play with the kids.

And then here is a quick funny picture of the kids:

Friday, May 16, 2008

Witness to a wreck

On my way home from work today I saw a wreck happen. A red truck was coming down New Brownsville rd and a black SUV went through the stop sign at Egypt Central. They collided and the black SUV flipped. Another man stopped and got the girl out of the SUV. She was a teenager but she was fine, not hurt at all. The woman driving the red truck had her teenage son in the car. He called 911. I said here give me the phone and you go tend to your mother. I got the phone and this is what I heard "please hold, your call is important, please do not hang up and call back as this will jam up the line". I thought you got to be kidding me. The other man who stopped had his son with him and he got 911 on the phone and told them what we needed. The ambulance came. The woman in the red truck was complaining of her face hurting (from the airbag) and she couldn't move her leg. The girl's (driving the black car) mom got there. The teenager didn't want to go to the hospital and said she was fine. Now if this were my kid and I saw this car, she would be going to get checked out regardless of how she felt at the moment. Anyway the ambulance left and I asked the fireman if I should stay (the police still weren't there). They said it was up to me but it might be a while. So I gave the woman's brother (who showed up a few minutes later) my name and phone number and left. The police did call me a couple of hours later.
Here is a picture of the black SUV (because ya'll know I had to take one). I still can't believe the girl was not hurt.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I didn't forget that

Kaitlyn made me a Mother's Day card at school that I forgot to take out of her folder until last night. The front had a yellow flower on it and then on the inside was a poem on the left side. On the right side is 5 sentences that she was to finish. Here is what she said.
1) My mom like to: make a scrapbook
2) My mom is very happy when: I do good things
3) My mom gets really angry when: I do bad things (at least she is to the point)
4) The funniest thing my mother ever did was: play games with me (I think she read that as the funnest thing my mom does with me)
5) My mom sometimes forgets: my softball game

Now here is where I had to inquire because I have not forgotten any of her softball games. So I said to her "Kaitlyn I haven't forgotten any of your softball games" and she says "well I meant one time you told Gran that Kyle had a soccer game but he really didn't and so she came to just watch him practice". Well okay I guess I did do that a couple of weeks ago. Why does she pick that to remember!?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Here is a quick photo of me and my mom and then one of me and my kids. My brother grilled us steaks and corn for lunch today.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

T-ball finally

Kyle finally got to play a t-ball game this morning. He had soccer at 8:30 then we rushed to the ball field to play t-ball at 10:00. After a quick shirt change in the car he was ready to go. Today he got to play catcher. He had to get the ball after every hit and put the ball back on the tee. He got pretty good at this. At first the ball kept going right through his legs. He finally got the hang of it.

He did good batting too. I barely had time to snap the picture.

Here is his team:

Thursday, May 8, 2008

3 in a row

Kaitlyn's softball game was rained out tonight for the third time. She has yet to play a game. Kyle's t-ball game was also rained out but the soccer game was on. So we trecked across the wet field to play soccer. I just bought him new cleats and of course now they are all muddy. Kyle is supposed to play soccer at 8:30 and t-ball at 10:00 Saturday morning. It is supposed to rain tomorrow and late Saturday night. I thought it was April showers bring May flowers. What gives?!

(I have some more soccer pics to put here tomorrow)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

May Madness

Well our may madness was supposed to start today but we had a huge downpour last night so everything was rained out. Kaitlyn is playing softball and Kyle is playing soccer and teeball. They overlap by about 3 weeks. This morning we were supposed to have soccer at 8:30, teeball at 9:00 and softball at 9:00. John is off today so the plan was for him to take Kyle to soccer and just miss the teeball game and me to take Kaitlyn to softball. However the games were rained out so we didn't have to worry about it. There are about 3 more days when we are to be in 3 places at once and will have to choose something. Thursday night John is working 3-11 so I will have to take Kyle and Kaitlyn to softball/t-ball (luckily they are at the same place) and Kyle will just miss soccer. Although it is supposed to come another downpour on Thursday so I may not have to worry about it anyway.
So John and Kyle went to Richard's to work on John's car and Kaitlyn and I went shopping for her some summer clothes.

15 more days of school!!!