Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I didn't forget that

Kaitlyn made me a Mother's Day card at school that I forgot to take out of her folder until last night. The front had a yellow flower on it and then on the inside was a poem on the left side. On the right side is 5 sentences that she was to finish. Here is what she said.
1) My mom like to: make a scrapbook
2) My mom is very happy when: I do good things
3) My mom gets really angry when: I do bad things (at least she is to the point)
4) The funniest thing my mother ever did was: play games with me (I think she read that as the funnest thing my mom does with me)
5) My mom sometimes forgets: my softball game

Now here is where I had to inquire because I have not forgotten any of her softball games. So I said to her "Kaitlyn I haven't forgotten any of your softball games" and she says "well I meant one time you told Gran that Kyle had a soccer game but he really didn't and so she came to just watch him practice". Well okay I guess I did do that a couple of weeks ago. Why does she pick that to remember!?

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