Friday, May 16, 2008

Witness to a wreck

On my way home from work today I saw a wreck happen. A red truck was coming down New Brownsville rd and a black SUV went through the stop sign at Egypt Central. They collided and the black SUV flipped. Another man stopped and got the girl out of the SUV. She was a teenager but she was fine, not hurt at all. The woman driving the red truck had her teenage son in the car. He called 911. I said here give me the phone and you go tend to your mother. I got the phone and this is what I heard "please hold, your call is important, please do not hang up and call back as this will jam up the line". I thought you got to be kidding me. The other man who stopped had his son with him and he got 911 on the phone and told them what we needed. The ambulance came. The woman in the red truck was complaining of her face hurting (from the airbag) and she couldn't move her leg. The girl's (driving the black car) mom got there. The teenager didn't want to go to the hospital and said she was fine. Now if this were my kid and I saw this car, she would be going to get checked out regardless of how she felt at the moment. Anyway the ambulance left and I asked the fireman if I should stay (the police still weren't there). They said it was up to me but it might be a while. So I gave the woman's brother (who showed up a few minutes later) my name and phone number and left. The police did call me a couple of hours later.
Here is a picture of the black SUV (because ya'll know I had to take one). I still can't believe the girl was not hurt.


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I flipped a station wagon all the way over when I was a freshman in college and walked away.