Friday, July 31, 2009

Lichterman Nature Center

Our Pink Palace membership also includes Lichterman Nature Center so I took the kids this afternoon. It was a little warm but not too bad. They had fun walking along the trails and seeing some of the animal exihibits.

I made them walk over this bridge about 5 times so that I could try and get a good shot.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Incredible Pizza visit

The last Thursday thing of the year was today at Incredible Pizza. Aaliyah went with Kaitlyn. When I went to pick them up I decided Kyle and I would stay to eat and play and we just stayed a little longer. Kyle has been begging to go to the pizza place with the games for a while. It is so expensive though.

Mini bowling

Kyle playing deal or no deal. They hit no deal every time.

Glow in the dark mini golf

Here they are riding the bumper cars:

1, 2, 3 Jump!

We had our last Wednesday swim at the Paulo Pool yesterday. I had to sub in summer school and then Aaliyah came over so we were a little late but the rain stayed away and we were able to enjoy the afternoon.

Kyle has been jumping off the side in the shallow end no problem, he and Ryan (and Evan sometimes) decided to jump in together. I got some great shots of that.

Kaitlyn and Aaliyah were doing some fun jumps off the diving board.

Then Kyle wanted to jump off the diving board. He has been jumping to me in the deep end but he just about drowns me when he does so today I told him he could jump to the noodle. He was nervous at first but finally gave in. Amy got my camera and took these shots for me.

We then convinced him to jump without the noodle. Jeanne was in the pool on the ledge and he would swim to her, eventually he jumped in even though no one was on the ledge for him to swim to and he did great! He jumped in over and over again.

The kids also played Marco Polo or Marco Paulo as they so rightfully renamed it.

Kaitlyn and Aaliyah

And a couple of videos of Kyle jumping:

He ran and jumped here, I wasn't quite ready because I didn't know he was going to run, HA!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We went out last night

I have been singing that Kenny Chesney song all day. I went out with some friends last night. Amy's friend from high school, Jeanne, was in town so she wanted to go to Beale st, Carrie and I tagged along. It was a nice night to be outside, a little hot. It was Tuesday so there wasn't that much going on but still enough, and we were able to get a free parking place on the side of the road.

We started out at Silky O'Sullivan's on the patio. Here are the four of us:

Then we went for some barbeque nachos at Rum Boogie, went through a few gift shops and lastly ended up at BB King's (where they had a good band playing).

I so wish I had the camera capability and the know how to get good night shots with the neon signs. This will have to do for now though.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Softball party

Kaitlyn had her softball party today. The girls always have such fun at this. Ms. Frieda lets us have it at her house so they can swim. They eat lunch complete with softball cupcakes, swim, play a softball game in the pool, pass out awards, and watch a video.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Grass slide

While we were at Mud Island yesterday we walked by this giant hill. There was some cardboard at the bottom so the kids got the idea to slide down the hill. Kyle was a little hesitant at first but kept going down. They went down several times, I had to pry them away from the hill.

I love the look on Kyle's face in that last picture.