Friday, July 10, 2009

Special toilet seat

So I am subbing for summer school today. My classroom during the school year is in the North building and I am in one of the computer labs today so I am in the main building. During the school year, I never come to this part of the school. I went in the half teacher's lounge up here in the bathroom today and found this:

A special seat for one, this is a toilet cover over a trash can (in case you can't tell)

a close up of the sign on it:

I laughed but was a little confused, I didn't even notice the signs on the outside of the bathroom door:

close up of one

close up of another

Well I noticed them, I just didn't pay attention to them because I was not expecting to find that toilet for one inside. It made me laugh but also made me glad to be in the north building were all (or at least most) things are normal.

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Kelley said...

That is just so bizarre.