Friday, July 17, 2009

Home from Camp

Kaitlyn got home from camp today. She said "it was awesome, I can't wait to go back next year!" She broke her glasses (although I fixed them), left her bible out in the rain so she threw it away, left one of her bathing suits, camp t-shirt and another t-shirt up there, fell off the top bunk during the night and has a huge bruise on her side, elbow, and face, got an award for the sillest dive from the high dive, memorized three bible verses, spent all of her money except $2.50, didn't do any crafts (which surprised me), and survived the tornadic weather that went through Henderson on Wed. night. Not too bad for a first timer.

Her mess of a suitcase she brought back home.

She was so tired she went straight to bed and probably would have slept all night if didn't have to wake her to go the a visitation at the funeral home.


Kelley said...

LOL, your camp recap is funny!

Anonymous said...

It is funny and that's a great shot of her on top...going on 16!