Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mud Island

I took the kids to Mud Island today. It is free, you just have to pay $5 to park. I got some pretty pictures of some Memphis scenery on the walk over.

I remember going on field trips here too. We would all wear our jelly shoes so that we could walk through the river. We were not allowed to take our shoes off.
I was smart enough to let them wear their bathing suits and take some clothes to change into. We walked down the river to the gulf, played in the gulf for a while, then walked back upstream.

This picture would be so cute if Kaitlyn didn't have a light coming out of her head.

This is them pouting after I told them they could not swim in this one area that was deeper. It was really for the paddle boats. There were some people in the water there even though clearly there were several 'no swimming' signs around.

They wanted to ride the duck paddle boats while there and I told them they could. Then we go to buy the tickets and they told us it was a one and a half to two hour wait! So I told them we would go back another time and buy the tickets when we first got there for the boats.


Anonymous said...

GREAT shots!
You are not missing anything by not going on those paddle boats...they take in nasty, dirty water and you're constantly feeling like you're going to capsize. Spend a little extra and paddle boat at Shelby Farms! ;)

Kelley said...

Use Photoshop or similar program and clone the leaves in the tree to remove the light above her head.

The Beatty's said...

Great shots!!