Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cow appreciation day

Chic-fil-a was having a cow appreciation day yesterday. If you dressed up like a cow, you got free food. I love Chic-fil-a and thought this would be fun. I tried to get some friends to go with us but couldn't get anyone to look like idiots with us. HA!

I printed something online they had posted that was ears, nose, some spots and a sign you could cut out and wear. We took the ears and put them on some strips of paper to make a hat (sort of). The kids didn't want to wear the nose so I said fine. Then we dressed in white shirts and black shorts and taped the spots on their shirts.

For the rest of this story you need to know I made two mistakes. #1) I took John with me to Chic-fil-a even though he refused to participate in the dressing up, I knew I would just have to pay for his meal. #2) I should have taken my kids picture before we left the house.

We pull up in the parking lot and my big mouth (and non-participating) husband says "there is nobody else dressed up in there". So Kaitlyn says "mom, we are going to look like weirdos". They were excited to dress like cows before we got there, now they are all self conscientious about it. Luckily when we walked in the girl at the counter saw them dressed up so I could order their free food. After I am done ordering, I turn around and they have both taken off the spots and ears, crumpled them up and thrown them in the trash. I was so mad at them. I mean besides getting free food, the purpose of this was for my picture of the day!

The cow came out and they did want their picture made with him. This would have been so cute if they were still dressed up.

So when we got home I made them print some more spots and ears and cut them out so I could take a picture. Only my black ink was running out so I just made Kyle wear the sign.

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