Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lego Party

Kyle had his birthday party yesterday. He mentioned in Target once that he wanted to have a Lego party and I just went with that because I thought it would be pretty easy. I made the invitations (seen here) and I made the cake (even though I should have paid someone to do that for me).

I had some games planned but the kids really just wanted to run around and chase each other so I let them.

Then they played with some Legos for a while.

Here is him with his cake:

Singing Happy birthday, he got excited and blew his candles out right after I lit them. Then I lit them again for the picture so he got to make two wishes.

He got some great gifts from his friends, here are a few of those pics.

Here is Kyle and some of his friends who came, I had every intention of taking a picture of Kyle and each individual person who came but it just didn't work out that way. You know how well kids, pictures and your plan works out!

Taylor Kate, Kyle and Jessica

Jackson and Kyle

Ryan, Lucas and Kyle

Eli, Kyle, Andrew and Cody

Allie, Kyle and Abby

Friday, August 28, 2009

Opry Mills

We spent the night in Nashville after the JB concert so on Wednesday (which was my birthday!) we went to the Opry Mills mall. We first went to Waffle house for breakfast and they had a jukebox. Six songs for a dollar, such a deal!

I bought my self 2 new wallets at Liz Claiborne. Kyle tried on some glasses and thought he was too cute.

We went in Old Navy and Kyle kept asking to ride the ferris wheel. I had no clue what he was talking about but we walked down and there was a merry go round. I told them they could ride, then we get down there and it was attached to a aquarium and you had to pay $3.95 per person to get in plus no child admitted under 12 without a parent, even though I could see them perfectly from behind the fence. They looked at the fish and got to touch the stingrays also.

Kaitlyn and Aaliyah found a photo booth and wanted to get their picture taken. I said here for $5 (which is how much it cost) I will take your picture.

Then we found this little place in the center of the mall called Gigi's cupcakes. Since it was my birthday I bought myself one. They were delicious, I could not decide which one to get but I settled on the Peanut Butter.

This is the cupcake after Kaitlyn accidentally sat on the box.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jonas Brothers concert

My SIL bought us tickets to go see the Jonas Brothers in Nashville on Tuesday night. This is the kids birthday and Christmas presents for this year. I didn't tell Kaitlyn and Kyle that we were going until about an hour before we left. I gave Kaitlyn a piece of paper to read that said "we are going to the Jonas Brothers concert in Nashville". She read it to Kyle and they were so excited. Now naturally going with Lora and Susan we were bound to be late but we got there and everything was fine.

We got out to take some pictures while we waited for Susan and Lora to park the car.

Jordin Sparks was going to be the opening act. I love her so I was more excited to see her than the JB. Imagine my disappointment when we walk to the door to see this:

Here are some other shots before the concert starts:

A video of Kaitlyn dancing to the music playing before the JB came out:

Then the lights went out, the screaming got louder and the Jonas Brothers were finally on.

Here are some pictures of the dancing:

This is what got in the way of my pictures for most of the night. This girl in front of us kept waving this poster that said "Joe, fly with me"

This is what Kyle looked like for most of the concert. It took him about an hour before he got into it. He finally started clapping, then singing, then standing in the chair dancing.

This is one of the videos I made while there. I have a couple more but you can really just hear screaming so I will refrain from uploading those. But this one is funny because I turned the camera to video the kids dancing and Lora scooted back because she thought I was taking a picture. You will see her face go "oh no" when she realized that I was videoing not just photoing.

Susan bought the kids and her the over-priced t-shirts. They were so excited. I had to stay up last night to do laundry so they could wear them to school today.