Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I took Kyle for his first day of Kindergarten today. I have been a little worried about him going because he kept saying he didn't want to go or he wasn't going to go. I went for a K meeting on Friday to his room and they were selling some t-shirts for $3. I thought that was a pretty good deal so I bought him one. I brought it home and showed him and he said "what does that say?", I said "it says I love Kindergarten". Without missing a beat he said "but I don't love Kindergarten".

So this morning he woke up without any help, he got dressed and wanted to wear his I love Kindergarten shirt (even though my first thought was it won't look very good for the picture). His backpack was all packed and we were off. He was so excited!

His teacher, Mrs. McEwen

Me and Kyle (even though I think this is an awful picture)

And then since I was there, I snuck down to the 4th grade hallway and took a picture of Kaitlyn in class.

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Jennifer Willoughby said...

Love these!!! Just can't believe it....