Thursday, February 25, 2010

church on Wednesday night

The conversations around our house get funnier every day. Here is one I had last night as we were getting in the car to go to church:

Kyle: Why do we have to go to church on Wednesdays?
Me: Don't you like to go to class during the week?
Kyle: No
Kaitlyn: I thought we went on Wednesdays because God was born on a Wednesday?
Me: I don't think we are told what day of the week Jesus was born.
Kaitlyn: Yea, it was a Wednesday.

So there you have it, God was born on a Wednesday so that is why there is services on Wednesday night. I am not sure where she got that from.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Last basketball game

Kyle had his last basketball game this morning. I tried some different things with my camera to try and get some better pictures, church gyms are a horrible place to take photos. We have the awards night next week. I think he has enjoyed playing and I am going to try and sign him up through Singleton next year. They are a little more serious about playing and actually learning the sport. I missed the deadline for them is why we went with the Upward team.

He actually made this shot.

I also recorded a video of him playing and then I deleted it by accident. I had started one video and then stopped it after about 25 seconds. Then I started again and recorded about 5 minutes worth. I then deleted the 5 minute one instead of the 25 second one.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More Snow

Usually when they are predicting snow in Memphis they talk about for a few days. Sunday night I was watching the news and the weather guy said we could get a pretty good snow that night I was surprised. I thought whatever and went to bed. Well Monday morning we got the call that school was canceled and sure enough there was a nice blanket of snow outside.

And this time there was no ice, so it was the nice puffy pretty snow. Perfect for snow angels, snowball fights and snowmen. However Kaitlyn and Kyle were both sick on Sunday so they went out for a little while but really didn't feel like playing (especially Kyle). They did have a small snowball with the neighbor kids and Kaitlyn started building a snowman.

John took my car to work but then discovered he didn't have to work and came back home. It has started to sleet when he left and he came back and parked my car in the driveway like normal. I went out to check the mail and found my car had slid about 2-3 feet down the driveway, and that is with the emergency brake on!

This morning the kids went back out to finish their snowman. But the snow had become hard from the sleet and gotten dirty so he wasn't as cute but here he is.

Since the snow was icy we couldn't find anything good that would stick for the face so Kaitlyn decided to use crayons and a film canister.

So far we have missed 5 days of school. I am over the snow for the season. I think I have enough snow picture for this year, it can go ahead and get warm anytime.