Friday, June 26, 2009

VBS pictures

Here is the link to all the VBS pictures taken by Penny at church. There are 932 of them!!

VBS pics

Thursday, June 25, 2009

VBS Conqueror

This year was year 2 in our three part Vacation Bible School. Here is a link to my last year's post on VBS Beginnings. This year told about the last week of Jesus' life. We still had the market set up, this year we added a Garden. There was also a tomb set up. The kids were divided into the tribes of Judah again. The costumes were still a nice touch. My only problem with last year's VBS was I wasn't sure how it could get any better, how were we going to top it. Last year was so good. Well my doubts were crumpled, this year was fantastic! I can only imagine what next year will hold.

(I had some major lighting issues when the skits were going on, I tried my external flash and then got blurry pictures. I also wasn't always in the best position for the picture and couldn't really move around. I will have to work on that for next year. As soon as Penny's pictures get uploaded to the church website, I will provide a link.)

Kyle brought his friend Lucas this year. They were in the tribe of Benjamin.

Kaitlyn was in the tribe of Zebulun.

Kaitlyn in the spice shop.

Judas setting up his betrayal of Jesus.

Joseph Barsabas told the story each night, the narrator if you will. He was so believable and did a fantastic job.

Kyle in the pottery shop

Jackson, Lucas and Kyle with their bowls they made from playdough.

Entering the garden

Pilot asks the crowd "who do you want me to release to you, Jesus or Barabbas?

Kyle getting a coupon from Mr. Chris for bringing a friend.

Kaitlyn in the produce shop.

Holding the Benjamin sign

Kyle and Lucas in the spice shop

The carpentry shop, they made the cross for Jesus to carry

Jesus being mocked by the soldiers, getting ready to carry his cross.

The soldiers setting up the cross (no we did not really hang Jesus)

The next night, Mary and Mary Magdelene coming to the tomb.

The tomb was empty!

Jesus appearing to some of his disciples. (the little kids oohed when Jesus appeared)

And finally Kyle and Lucas playing a game.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Slip n slide

It is so unbearably hot outside that the kids don't even want to play outside. The other day they played out for a while while using the waterhose. So I decided to get them a slip n slide in hopes that they would play outside more. They did play with it for a while but it was still too hot to stay out for very long even with water.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Learning to ride a bike

Kyle has been riding a bike out at Luke's house that had Kaitlyn's old training wheels on it. One of them broke a while ago so he has only been using one training wheel. John took the training wheels off the bike tonight and let him go. He really taught himself to ride. He was so proud!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Swimming at the Paulo's

Our friends, the Paulo's, have a really nice pool and we get invited to spend Wednesdays swimming with them during the summer. This is the 4th year we have spent swimming with them and my kids love it. Kaitlyn is usually the only girl but doesn't seem to mind. This year Jillian is here with us too but she is only 3 months old so she is a little too young to swim. :) Kyle is getting better at swimming and today jumped off the diving board. Now I had to catch him but this is a big deal for him. Then he figured out that he can jump off the side in the shallow end and still touch.

Kaitlyn took these next two pictures, pretty good I must say.

And here is a short video of Kaitlyn doing a flip.

Monday, June 15, 2009


On Friday we had a big storm blow through town. They are calling it Hurricane Elvis part 2 (the first was in 2003, I remember vividly because I was pregnant with Kyle). We happened to be at Family Dollar when the storm hit. When we left the house it seemed like we had plenty of time from the radar on the news. Well we didn't. We were about to leave when all of the sudden the sky turned black and the wind started to blow really hard. The doors blew open and rained poured into the store, the sirens were going loud. The guys working pulled them shut and locked them. We waited around until it was light again and the sirens went off. On the drive home there were trees and debris down all over.

The roof from the bank across the street by the Walgreens at Kirby Whitten and Stage.

My friend Christy's house

The house across the street

Our power was off for about 38 hours. We hung out at Luke's and spent the night at my mom's house two nights. I did take these pictures of the sun setting on Friday night from Luke's house.

Another thunderstorm blew through tonight, we were at the ball field because Kyle was supposed to have his last teeball game. So much for that. I drove Kaitlyn and Kyle out to spend the night with Aaliyah and we saw this rainbow. We pulled over on the side of the road to take a photo. So worth the stormy weather.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Carnival Party

Kyle went to his friend Lucas' birthday party today. He had a carnival party complete with games, face painting, a pinata, and carnival food. The kids also swam for a while.

Getting his face painted with a green balloon, he promptly got up from the seat and wiped it off his face.

Kyle and Ryan

Kyle and Lucas

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ripley's Aqaurium

We went to the Aquarium in Gaitlinburg yesterday as our last venture out on vacation. It was really good. The kids enjoyed it and liked seeing all the fish. My pictures did not turn out as I had hoped despite using all my gadgets but here are a few.

Kaitlyn touching a crab

So Luke what is in there?

We found Nemo, he was in Gaitlinburg the whole time.

Kaitlyn touching a stingray

Shane, Susan, Jade and Peyton

Another terrible family photo of us

Luke, Susan and Ashley

Grammie and Papaw