Monday, June 15, 2009


On Friday we had a big storm blow through town. They are calling it Hurricane Elvis part 2 (the first was in 2003, I remember vividly because I was pregnant with Kyle). We happened to be at Family Dollar when the storm hit. When we left the house it seemed like we had plenty of time from the radar on the news. Well we didn't. We were about to leave when all of the sudden the sky turned black and the wind started to blow really hard. The doors blew open and rained poured into the store, the sirens were going loud. The guys working pulled them shut and locked them. We waited around until it was light again and the sirens went off. On the drive home there were trees and debris down all over.

The roof from the bank across the street by the Walgreens at Kirby Whitten and Stage.

My friend Christy's house

The house across the street

Our power was off for about 38 hours. We hung out at Luke's and spent the night at my mom's house two nights. I did take these pictures of the sun setting on Friday night from Luke's house.

Another thunderstorm blew through tonight, we were at the ball field because Kyle was supposed to have his last teeball game. So much for that. I drove Kaitlyn and Kyle out to spend the night with Aaliyah and we saw this rainbow. We pulled over on the side of the road to take a photo. So worth the stormy weather.


Jennifer Willoughby said...

Great pics!! You have turned into quite the photographer....I am giving the silly sista's bunco nights full credit for your talent, haha!

Anonymous said...

You have indeed! Your sunset pictures are just great!