Thursday, June 19, 2008

Best VBS ever

VBS finished up last night and the kids had a really good time. I really do think it was one of the best VBS' ever. VBS is probably the biggest 'event' so to speak that the church does, a ton of work and a lot of people work to make everything happen. This year the fellowship hall was set up like a market place from Bible times. The kids went around to the different shops each night and then Jesus came through and they 'acted' out a Bible story.

Here are the centurions around the well.

The Bread Shop

Basket Weaving shop

The Fruit Shop

The Rope Shop

Pottery shop

Carpentry shop

The Blind Man

Jesus healing the blind man

Jesus speaking to the crowd

Now notice all those kids sitting around the well area. They were so good and quiet. The 'actors' did not have mics, yet in that large room of kids we had no trouble hearing and understanding what was going on. And afterwards the kids could not stop talking about everything that happened. That speaks volumes of what a great VBS it was. I mean Captain VBS is cool but this year it was more biblically centered (or at least that is my opinion) and it was great!

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