Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No lines, No waiting!

We had a great day today at Six Flags. We were there for over 6 hours. We rode lots of rides and saw lots of characters. Kyle was a little scared of the furry characters at first but he quickly warmed up to them. Kyle rode his first roller coaster and said he liked it but he didn't like the quick jerky turns it made so he did not want to ride anymore big rides (which was actually fine because he wasn't tall enough for most of them anyway). Kaitlyn on the other hand rode just about every ride. The first ride the boys rode was Batman and she didn't want to go. After she rode some other things she wanted to go back. We didn't get a chance to let her ride that one yet but we are going back tomorrow so I told her she could try then. The first one she rode was the Ninja. Upside down, twist and turns, and everything. She loved it! She rode all the rest of the rides with John and Luke except the Superman and Mr. Freeze (if you saw these you would know why). There were hardly any lines, the longest we waited for a ride was about 30 minutes and that was just a couple of them. I have taken 76 pictures so far but the internet here at the hotel is really slow, it took forever for those pictures to upload last night so I will upload when we get back. Tomorrow we are off to the waterpark, Hurricane Harbor, at Six Flags and will probably walk back through the park for a little bit again.

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