Friday, June 13, 2008

Wanna know what an idiot I am

Any of you who might have thought I was an intelligent person, I am about to change your opinion of me. I sold several things on ebay this week (some stampin' up things). One item ended last night and the rest of the stuff ended tonight. I did make some money but the one item that ended last night I wanted to go ahead and ship today. The person payed for it through paypal so all was good. I went to ebay and clicked print shipping label. I had no intention of printing the label I was just going to copy the address from there. So I did this and copied the first address I see. I put the item in the mail this afternoon. I get back home a little later and I get the email from paypal saying your item has been paid for and here is the address. I thought "huh, that is not the same address that ebay gave me". So I go back to ebay and check it again. Then it hit me what an idiot I am, I copied the example label. Here is the address they gave me:
Jonathan Doe
2005 Hamilton Ave.
San Jose, CA 95125

It did not even occur to me that I shipped the item to a John Doe, DUH!!

So now I have to email the person and tell them what a dummy I am and refund the money.
Do you think the package will come back to me? Is this even a real address?


Kelley said...

Although I'm giggling a little (just a little), I am so sorry this happened! I hope you get the package back. It is a real address-Ebay's headquarters. I wonder if you contact them and see if they can help you any?

Holly Aytes said...

I will be laughing for days!!! It sounds like something I would do. No, you aren't an idiot just weren't paying attention (could that be b/c of kids or John?). I hope things turn out ok. Contact Ebay and see if they can help. And know that you caused lots of your friends to have a good laugh.

Jennifer Willoughby said...

Oh my word, I'm still laughing!! Listen, you may never get that package back but you have given all your friends a huge laugh that was much needed!! Definitely contact ebay (it will also give them a good laugh!) and see what they say. And I still think you are HIHGLY intelligent......:)

Paula Jennings said...

Mapquest the address and see what appears. :) Thanks for the laugh.

kayla said...

I am pleased to say I have made the same mistake so you dont feel to much like an idiot. I just made it the other day because I was in a rush and just looked for the first address I saw.
did u ever get your packaged return?
I need to know.
Because I explained the incident to the person I was selling to about it and he said if it comes back he's willing to wait for it to send to me for me to send it back to him.
please let me know if it returned to you asap.


Chris said...

This is crazy, i had the same thing just happen! Yeah I got it back too! Freaking weird, how did this happen??