Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Camera

I got a new camera today and I am super excited about it. My good camera that my mom had got me for Christmas of 2006 was broken and so I took it to try and get it fixed. It was going to cost me $208 to get it fixed. I could buy a new camera for that price. So I spent just a little extra (thanks to George W. Bush) and got a camera I have been coveting for a while. The Canon Powershot S5 IS. It is beautiful. I read the basic manual today (32 pages) but it also came with an advanced manual that I have to look at. Yea, it is 200 pages! I took several really good pictures of Kaitlyn and Aaliyah bating at softball tonight and then I took these of Kyle. It was still in sports mode when I took these.

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