Thursday, June 26, 2008

Grand Marshall

We had another great day at Six Flags today. I have lots and lots of more pictures that I will share when we return. But I do have to post about the excitement Kyle had today. We were waiting on John, Kaitlyn and Luke to ride this one ride and they decided to ride it twice (remember I said the lines were really short). Well Kyle and I walked down a little ways to go run through the sprinkler and cool off just a bit. While we were standing there Robin (as in Batman and Robin) came over and was talking to Kyle. Then he asked me "do you guys want to be in the parade?" (they have this character parade that goes throughout the park everyday at 4:30, we had watched it yesterday). I said "um, YES". We got to go behind this fence and get in the old timey car. This man hands Kyle this hat and says "hey dude you get to be the grand marshall for the parade and wear this cool hat". He was totally stoked. While we waited for the parade to start all the characters were talking to him and giving him high fives. He waved to all the people as we drove by. So our glory for today is: WE GOT TO BE IN THE PARADE!! So cool!


Paula Jennings said...

That ROCKS!!!!!

carrie ann said...

How cool is that?! How does your celebrity feel?