Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Good Listener?

The kids had bowling again today. There is a little girl who bowls with Kyle named Caroline. He calls her his teammate. He doesn't realize they are really playing against each other. Kaitlyn did a really good job today. She bowled a 27, 50 and 44. Last week she did not even break 20 so she is improving a lot. Her coach told me after that she is a good listener. I know I looked at her like I thought she had lost her mind and I tried to wipe that look off my face quickly but Kaitlyn, a good listener, she must have been talking about someone else. I said well her school teacher would disagree with you. She said "no she did really good and that is how she is going to improve, she does just what I tell her". I said well she really enjoys it so I guess that helps.


Holly Aytes said...

caleb had his 5 yr old checkup a few weeks ago and passed his hearing test. when the dr told us that i just looked at him with this blank look. he laughed and said "holly, i said he could hear i didn't say that he would hear aka listen!". i laughed so hard, guess he has seen that look before from many a parent :)

carrie ann said...

enjoying the subject DOES make all the difference! i love bowling, myself! :)