Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hurricane Harbor

Hurricane Harbor is the waterpark part of Six Flags. We went there on Thursday. They have all kinds of slides and water to play in. Kaitlyn was again fearless and rode all the slides she could.

This is her on the green slide. It shoots you straight down. These 3 slides in the picture are called the speed slides. She also went down the blue one. I could not believe she went down the green one. They also had this slide called the Tornado. It was the best ride we went on. John, Luke, Roger and Kaitlyn rode first and then I went back and rode with Kaitlyn.

Kyle had fun playing in the kid section and playing on this boat.

Then John and I were horrible parents and made Kyle go down this huge red twisty slide. At first Kyle was excited and said he wanted to go down. We all rode in the raft together. Once we got to the top of the stairs Kyle decided he did not want to ride the slide. We told him we were not going back down and he would have to ride. Once we started down the slide he was so scared it was funny. His eyes were bugging out of his head. He did not even have time to cry. You can kinda see his face in this picture if you click on it.


cpullum said...

The park is so cool. My 10 year old daughter went down a scarey water slide she got in line for the wrong slide and had no idea and when she came down she was screaming and crying I felt so bad her older sister laughed! We still had a blast though!!! Then my 10 year old laughed and said what was that? we are dummies!! We also went to universal Studios and had no idea the mummy ride was a roller coaster!! Yes this time I cried and screamed!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for Kyle, but I kinda understand. Some of the steps you have to climb to get to the top of those things are NOT fun to descend!

Overall, it really looks like ya'll had a BLAST! So glad you had fun!