Sunday, June 29, 2008

The characters

We first saw Tweety, Pepe Le Pu, and Sylvester right when we entered the park on Wednesday. Kaitlyn went right up to them but Kyle was a bit shy of them. They had characters scattered all through the park and there was never a crowd around them. You could just walk up and hug them and get your picture made. Kyle finally warmed up to Marvin the Martian and the Tazmainan Devil of all people. After that he found them before anybody else spotted them. The only person he would not get his picture with was Wonderwoman because he said he wanted to see Superman (he just wanted to find superhereos all day). After he saw Batman in the parade he was on a mission to find him. We finally did on our way out of the park. Other characters we saw were the Joker, Speedy Gonzales, Porky the Pig, Scooby, and of course Bugs Bunny.

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