Thursday, December 30, 2010


I tried to take a picture of some of my ornaments on my tree (though I am not good with up close so I have edited them a tad). I have an idea for a mini-album that I want to do but I have some ornaments up the attic that I haven't gotten down in a while that I also want to include.

My friend Paula brought me this one back from Disneyworld last year (and I can't believe I didn't buy myself one this year when we went)

Kaitlyn got me this one from the Santa Shop at Breakfast with Santa one year.

Kelley made all the bunco girls these one year. It says Silly Sisters on the other side.

I just like these!

I can't remember if my mom or my stepmom gave me this one but I have this pattern of Christmas china.

I got this one from ladies day a couple of years ago. I think I sat at the "Diva" table decorated by Jennifer W. and Michelle P. and we got to bring these home.

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