Saturday, January 1, 2011

I will in 2011

I have an idea for a scrapbook page that requires resolutions. I don't usually make them because I don't keep them, it just doesn't happen. But I made many of them so maybe I can keep at least a few.

I will

I will read through the entire Bible
I will take a photo everyday
I will create 2 scrapbook pages per week
I will wear more eye make up
I will save money
I will use the Wii fit 4 times a week
I will clean out my pantry and refrigerator every two weeks
I will spend less money at Target
I will drink more water
I will cook more and eat out less
I will play more games with the kids
I will send cards to encourage people
I will use my stash of scrap supplies before I buy more
I will mail my Christmas cards on time


Kelley said...

"I will spend less money at Target" You're setting yourself up for failure sista girl! haha

Carrie Paulo said...

Ambitious to be sure!