Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow day!

We got a snow day today. There was more snow than I anticipated and it was the pretty white snow (as opposed to ice and freezing rain).

It started snowing last night around 6:00 and was coming down pretty good by 10ish.

Then in the morning my car was covered.

snowball fight

a view in our neighborhood

our snowman

starting to build a fort

The kids played outside for about 6 hours today. Most of the neighborhood kids were out as well. School has already been called off for tomorrow too!


Abbie Johnson said...

ok-that last pic kills me! was that taken on Momday?? there is NO SNOW on the street!! And you didn't have school on Tuesday!!!

Anonymous said...

I randomly stumbled on your blog by just clicking "next blog" ... So funny you got a snow day for that snow. Here in Utah, that is nothing. Nothing at all! good luck with the snow.