Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I can't find my kids

My children have plenty of toys. I try to weed them out every now and then. Kyle has several of the Little People sets (the farm, the zoo, a car wash, etc.). Kyle does a good job of playing with all his toys and is even pretty good about putting them away when it is time to pick up (I cannot say the same for Kaitlyn but that is a different post). He is almost 4 so I decided that it was time for the Little People to go to a different home. There is a girl at church who has a 1 yr. old little girl and a newborn boy. I thought they would be a perfect new home for these toys. So today while Kyle was at school I put them all in a bag and put them in my car. He came home from school and went to his room and began playing. A few minutes later he came out and said "hey I can't find my kids".

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carrie ann said...

i think you'd best bring the little people back from their mini-vacation. really. that is so cute!