Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Song of the South

One of my favorite childhood movies is Song of the South. I happen to have it on vhs tape (with japanese subtitles) and a friend of mine made a dvd from that. So we are watching it right now. Kaitlyn has seen this movie before but does not remember it. It is such a good movie and I really hate that we had to get all politically correct and Disney cannot release it anymore. I mean we discuss slavery in history books, what would be so wrong with discussing it at home. The question of it does not come up when we watch the movie. The kids just think it is a fun movie about an old man telling stories about a rabbit and a fox. I really would just like to tell people to get over themselves and have a zipadedodah day!


carrie ann said...

"there's a bluebird on my shoulder.
it's the truth, it's actual.
every thing is satisfactual."

do i remember correctly?

i saw that in the movie theatre.

"my, oh my, what a wonderful day. plenty of sunshine headin' my way"

i would really like to see that again. i must've been 4 or something.

Abbie Johnson said...

is that what that movie was called. my mom always sings that song. does that have the brier rabbit parts in it or am i confused?