Friday, August 3, 2007

Christmas time at the mall?

Okay so I must have had a death wish today because I decided to go and meet up with Paula for lunch in the mall. Now keep in mind two things for the rest of this story, 1)I had both of my children with me, 2)It is a tax free weekend in Tennessee. You would have thought it was the day after Thanksgiving. I mean really people how much money are you really saving. There were NO parking places. You know how around Christmas time you have to follow people to their cars to find a place to park. It was that way today. Then even the food court was a mad house. On our way out Kaitlyn found a backpack in JCPenney (and I did tell her I would buy her a new one). There was at least 12 people in line. The bag was $14.99. I would have saved about $1.50, not worth the time to stand in line. Now I also wanted to go down to Target. I was at least smart enough to go to the Trinity Target. Not nearly as crowded (and oh so much nicer). Of course a trip to Target for a backpack and toothpaste turned into a hundred dollar trip but hey I only paid 45 cents tax!

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