Saturday, August 25, 2007

The things kids say (warning TMI)

All of my blogging friends are posting some funny things their kids have said this last week so I thought I would follow suit. Last Sunday a friend of mine (Jennifer) came up to me at church and said I have to tell you the funniest thing that Kyle said. She and her husband were the teachers in the 2-3 yr. old Bible hour this month. She says "Kyle stood up, grabs himself, and says in a very confident tone 'my daddy has nuts'" I thought oh dear. So then I had to tell her why he said this. The other night he was sitting on the end of our bed and I rolled over and kneed (is that how you spell it, really is that a real word?) him and he got mad at me and said very loudly 'Jennifer watch it, you just hit my nuts'. Kyle turns around and says very inquisitively (again a word?) 'Daddy you have nuts?'. We of course could not answer because we were laughing so hard. So my friend Jennifer, Leigh and I are standing in the auditorium laughing so hard we are crying at this whole story. I told John later he should be glad it was Chris and Jennifer in Bible hour this month and not some older ladies. I can hear some of them now "What are those Luttrell's teaching their kids". I warned you this might be too much information for some but I hope you had as good of a laugh as we did!

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carrie ann said...

yeah, sounds like you lucked out!
too funny!