Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday = Family Time

Our usual Sunday ritual after church is going to John's brother's house. His mom comes out and cooks for us, the kids get to play, and the 'sisters' talk. I so much enjoy our Sunday afternoon time even though it does take away my afternoon nap. This began about 2 years ago. We sometimes refer to his house as the party house. He has playstation 3 and X-box hooked up to a giant tv, pool table, a dartboard (which we never play anymore), a slot machine (with tokens), wireless internet (so we all bring our laptops) and an above ground pool in the backyard. The kids are in heaven over there. We are trying to talk our way into him building an inground pool, he has almost caved. We also leave the kids bikes and stuff out there, which I am sure he loves us doing. There are usually about 15 of us (including the kids). We love it!

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