Monday, November 8, 2010


We had left Animal Kingdom fairly early (about 4:15). We went back to the hotel to rest and swim at the pool. Then we were having a late dinner at Ohana which is located in the Polynesian resort. This was the best meal we had while there. It was the only non-character meal we ate and was served family style.

the appetizers, they brought out this big bowl of stuff

Then they bring 4 different kinds of meat to your table on these skewers and you just tell them how much you want. SO GOOD!!

Then after you are stuffed to the bone they bring the dessert. Bread pudding with bananas foster sauce. OH MY GOODNESS!! this stuff is so good, my mouth waters just thinking about it. Totally worth visiting this restaurant just for the dessert.

They brought Kaitlyn a kids dessert again, I was worried about her eating this trip since she counted as an adult but everywhere was pretty accommodating if she wanted it.

Kyle fell asleep

Then woke up when went to ride the monorail long enough to have a sword fight with one of the monorail workers.

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Paula Jennings said...

LOVE the bread pudding!