Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a comparison

This was not our first trip to Disney. Kaitlyn, Kyle and I had been back in March of 2005 with Lora, Aaliyah, Roger and Jean. That trip we only went to Magic Kingdom one day and MGM (now Hollywood) one day. About two weeks before spring break Roger says "hey let's go to disneyworld". I wasn't going to turn down opportunity to go to Disney but you just can't decide spur of the moment to go somewhere like Disneyworld. These trips take planning. This trip I planned a lot. I read and searched things for about 3 months, everyday!

Here is a picture of me with Sorcerer Mickey from 2005:

And here is a picture from 2010 (Kaitlyn took this photo):

I think either Mickey got taller or I got shorter.


Holly Aytes said...

Definitely a taller Mickey! Too funny :)

Paula Jennings said...

Mickey grew a little bit taller over the years :)