Friday, November 12, 2010

Last day at Magic Kingdom

We were leaving to drive to Panama City on Friday but it only cost $3 per person to upgrade from a 4-day ticket to a 5-day ticket so I figured we could go to a park for a few hours at least. I told the kids they could decide what park to go to but kinda talked them into going back to Magic Kingdom. Even in the two days (well really one and a half) that we had already spent there we still had not even been to Adventureland yet, which means we had not ridden Pirates of the Caribbean. We never did make it to explore Liberty Square which means we did not go on the Haunted Mansion.

So after breakfast we went back to MK. First we stopped to meet Pinnochio then we went straight to Adventureland. We wanted to meet Ariel and Jasmine and Aladdin. Neither were out yet. So we rode the Magic Carpet and Pirates of the Caribbean. Magic Carpets had a ten minute wait and we walked on POTC.

Not all in Disney is magical. Kyle was mad because he wanted to ride in the front, but so did Kaitlyn so we put the two of them in the front and me and mom rode behind them. He didn't want to ride with Kaitlyn.

Jasmine and Aladdin nor Ariel were out yet so we walked back over to Tomorrowland to see if Buzz was out. Kyle had already met him but it was at the halloween party after Kaitlyn left. She was upset that he had more signatures than she did (this is why we had to find Aladdin and Jasmine also).
Kyle is showing Buzz his Buzz figure and his Buzz trading pin.

Then we walked back over to Adventureland and thankfully Aladdin and Jasmine were out. We probably waited in their line for 25 minutes and it was right in the sun so it was hot.

Ariel was also out but her line was fairly long and probably would have taken us another 25 minutes so we decided not to wait. Then we went in the gift shops to look around. You all will be surprised to know that I did not buy anything while there except the lanyards for the kids to put their pins on (which I had planned on doing) and Kaitlyn some earrings. Although now I wish I had bought a picture frame and an ornament but I might get it online.

Leaving Disneyworld, we hope to see this again real soon!

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Holly Aytes said...

We didn't see Jasmine or Aladin while there but did see Ariel...there was no way Madison was leaving until we saw her! I could spend the whole week at is my favorite park. Yeah for not spending money...we spent alot. Since our tickets were only $100 each for 7 day passes and our lodging was free we pretty much let the kids get whatever they wanted (and so did I).