Sunday, November 7, 2010

Animal Kingdom

On Wednesday we went to Animal Kingdom.

Tree of Life

We had breakfast at Tusker House for the Donald's Safari breakfast. Donald doesn't come around to visit the tables (or he didn't when we were there), you just have a picture made with him outside (that they later try to sell you for $29.95). They are nice enough to take a photo with your own camera too.

While eating we met Daisy, Mickey and Goofy, all in their safari outfits. All three characters came by our table twice.

The waiter here was the best waiter we had of the trip. He was constantly filling our glasses with the jungle juice they serve. The kids didn't really like it but mom and I thought it was pretty good. We could never decide exactly what kind of juice it was. Plus he was really funny. He looked at me when he walked up behind Kyle and said "hey mom, get your camera, you are gonna want a picture of this". He told us that that day was his last day at Tusker house, he had been there for ten years. He was going to train somewhere and then would be at the new Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant that will be a part of the new Fanstasyland expansion at Magic Kingdom. I really hope that one is a character meal but if not I still would want to try it.

Then we rode the safari and I took lots of pictures, none of which are blog worthy. We did see the baby elephant while on the ride.

That is the Expedition Everest ride in the background

carvings in the Tree of Life

ready to watch "It's tough to be a bug"

Then we went over to Camp Minnie/Mickey to see what characters were out. We saw Goofy, Donald and Minnie. I was hoping that some of the other characters would be there (like Thumper and Miss Bunny) but no luck. But the lines for these three was pretty short so we had pictures made.

up next-- more Animal Kingdom

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