Sunday, November 7, 2010

Animal Kingdom cont.

Continuing our day at Animal Kingdom:

We went to see the Festival of the Lion King show. This was one of my favorite things during the trip. This show is so good!

Then my mom left and the kids and I went over to Dinoland where they rode Dinosaur and Primeval Whirl.

We then stopped to watch Mickey's Jammin Jungle parade

As we were leaving we saw a worker making water art on the ground. Kyle told her his favorite character was Pluto so she drew him a Pluto! So cool!

Animal Kingdom was definitely my least favorite park but I still liked it and would like to visit again. We did not get to ride Expedition Everest (I really have no interest to ride this and the kids did not really want to ride by themselves, plus it is in the complete opposite end of the park from where we mostly were) or see the Nemo show. Plus it is such a pretty place to take pictures.

Here is a recap of our day:

Go get FP's for the Safari
Eat at Tusker House
ride Safari
take Tree of Life pictures
watch It's Tough to be a Bug
go to Camp Minnie/Mickey
see Goofy, Minnie and Donald
watch Festival of the Lion King show
eat a funnel cake and ice cream
ride Dinosaur
ride Primeval Whirl
watch the parade
back to hotel

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Steve said...

Haven't seen Festival of the Lion King in a whole bunch of years. But I do love Dinosaur! Looks like the Carnotaur already ate you out of the vehicle! :)