Friday, September 7, 2007

That kind of friend

We all want to be a good friend and have been taught from the time we were little that you have to be a good friend to make good friends. But even more than that our human nature makes us want to have that friend that supports us, gets excited with us and always tries to make us feel special. For me that friend is Wendy. If I am hosting something, she makes all efforts to come. If I am totally excited about something, she will be excited too. We go to church together, she is in my bunco group (one of the founding members) and she has a daughter who is one year younger than Kaitlyn. We have lots in common. Every time I am around her we seem to have one of those 'oh yeah, me too' moments. She is very caring and extrememly photogenic, you will never see a bad picture of her. She is one of those people who still believes in an encouraging word.

So thanks Wendy for being that kind of friend to me. The more I get to know you, the more I love you.

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