Saturday, September 22, 2007

94 days and counting

I love Christmas. I love it for all kinds of reasons. Some I really can't explain. This is inherited from several family members of mine. My father loved decorating for Christmas. He was actually a little obsessed with it. When he died I got all his Christmas lights. He could give the Griswald's a run for their money. I am still waiting to use them. My Grandmother always cooked way too much and my Mother always gives way too much (not that I think you should stop this, in case you are reading). But that is what I love. All the "too much". The overdoing. The going insane with it. All the shopping, all the parties, all the agonizing over the perfect gift. Anyway I found this cool little Christmas tree countdown thing to go on my blog (it is on the right side). So I can't wait, 94 days to go.

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