Saturday, September 29, 2007


It was a Girls Night Out tonight. First the new scrapbook store in Memphis, Archiver's opened this weekend. We were so excited to finally have this store in Memphis. It was fantastic. My Christmas list grew ten times tonight. They have so many things I wish for. We spent 2 hours in the store. While there we got to make a card.
Here we are making our card:

And here the employees let us wear their aprons and took our picture for us. They are all scrapbookers that work there so they understood.

Then we went out and got some dessert and cheese dip at On the Border. Much needed laughter and girl talk. And just for the record we could have picked up two guys if we had wanted to because there sure were these two guys who kept checking us out all night. We had one of those moments where I said "look those guys keep looking over here at us" and all the rest of the girls in the group turned around to see. Either that or they were having a good time just laughing at us (this is probably the more likely story).

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