Friday, September 7, 2007

More important thing in life

Last night at Bunco I heard many funny stories. That is what we do, we tell each other funny stuff, laugh and act silly all the while rolling dice and trying to keep up with our score. We are not the kind of bunco who really cares about winning. I think that is somewhat to do with the fact that we do not pay each month to be a part of this group. Each month the hostess just buys three inexpensive gifts for the prizes. They are always nice (we all have the best taste) and we are sometimes jealous of the person who wins but really we don't care. Anyway back to the funny story I heard last night. I won't tell you who told me this (even though I don't think she would care) but it is not my story although it could be.

A lady was trying to sell some shacklee products (cleaning products) to my friend. The lady is really upselling the shacklee products. "They are good for the environment, can get anything out, won't bother those with allergies", etc. Then she makes the statement that regular household cleaners have stuff in them that can make your kids sick. My friend (who is not wanting to buy the products but is trying to be nice about it) says "well my kids may be getting sick from dirt and germs in my house but I can assure you that they are not getting sick from the use of household cleaners".

I have been thinking a lot lately about clean houses. I do have some friends and family that I would not really think twice about eating off their floor (it is that clean, on a daily basis). Leigh and my Mom are a couple that come to mind. My Grandmother was like this as well and she is the person who I most want to be like so maybe one day people will think my house is clean enough to eat off the floor. Right now there are no surfaces in my house that are that clean, especially the floor. I sit at night looking around at my house and just feel so overwhelmed and frustrated. I even pay someone once every two weeks to come in and clean my house. The cleanliness lasts less than 24 hours.

When people visit our houses we want them to think that we keep a clean house. If we know we are having bunco or care groups or some event of that nature, we will clean for days and just dare someone in our house to mess it up. Why is this? I have learned that most of the people who will come to my house (although I don't have very many people over) feel the same way. We want to impress, make our guests feel important but this is not our usual way of life.

Don't get me wrong, we don't live in a germ infested house. I do wipe up the ecoli (sp?) off my counters. I just don't get things put away as I might like to. Actually let me rephrase that, my children and husband don't put their things away as I might like to be.

So let's make a pact. You don't run yourself over trying to make your house immaculate when I come over and I won't either. I have learned there are much more important things in life.


carrie ann said...

AMEN, sister! did you happen to notice that the more frequently you have visited, the messier my house seemed to get?

yeah, evan is partly to blame...things are a little off balance, but, a good part of it is that i know what it looks like i owe it to you to be a good friend & show you that i am comfortable enough around you to not kill myself cleaning when you're coming over! :)

we're onto something!

The Beatty's said...

Didn't Jesus favor the sister who just hung out (Mary, I think?) over the one who was cleaning the whole time (Martha?)?