Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April fool's day

I don't ever pull any April Fool's day pranks and I tell my students that I am unprankable, and from their end I am (they are just not as good as they think they are). But ever year on this date I cannot help but think of this story that happened to my dad. This had to be at least 20 years ago. FM100 announced that Michael Jackson was coming in concert (this was when he was all that). My Dad got so excited and was calling ticketmaster trying to get tickets for me and him to go. He called and called and they were like "sir we don't know what you are talking about". He was so insistent and kept telling them that the radio station just announced it. It took him forever before he realized that it was a joke.

So have you ever pulled a really good April Fool's day joke or had one played on you?


aytes5 said...

Yes, the radio station I listen to pulled one on my this year. It is a loooong story so remind me to tell you about over the phone. Matt couldn't believe I fell for it. Maybe it is the blond in me! Nay, lots of listeners fell for it, it was that good :) That is funny about your dad though, I didn't realize he was such a MJ fan :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, my friend Jennifer Luttrell thought it would be so funny to email her bunco group and tell us John had been transferred to North Carolina and she'd be moving the first of May!! Isn't she a real riot?? hee hee!