Monday, April 21, 2008

Ball practice

Kyle is playing tee-ball and Kaitlyn is playing softball this year. Both on teams for church. They play in the Faith Baptist league at Buckhead creek. Kaitlyn played teeball when she was 5 and 6 for this same league. I didn't think softball would be her thing. She is not very athletic and gets bored easily. I didn't think it would be active enough for her. But she is really liking it and doing pretty good. She is listening to the coach and doing what they say (which is rare for her). They began to practice hitting yesterday and she did a good job and made contact with some of the balls. Kyle is doing pretty good practicing tee-ball also. However he gets tired and walks off the field to get a drink often. When it was his turn to hit the ball he hit it pretty good and then on the last try Jeff told him to run. So he hits it and begins to run to first base but a little girl caught the ball and he stopped midway to first base and ran back to home. I guess he thought his turn as over since she caught the ball.

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