Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mock Car Crash

Bolton had a lot of tragedy last year. We lost 4 students to traffic related accidents. Our principal has really been advocating some programs to help make our students aware of their driving. Today some of students witnessed a mock car crash. I did not go down there but I saw pictures and heard all about it. The students gathered on the football field. There was a tarp covering the accident. When it was time they pulled off the tarp and revealed the two wrecked cars that appeared to have a head on collision. There were real students in those cars with some very good make up on making this wreck look very realistic, they were a couple hanging out the windows. One girl was slumped over the steering wheel and screaming because she was supposed to be paralyzed. They had a real ambulance and police cars pull up with the sirens going. The paramedics got out and took one kid out of the car and put him in a body bag. They got a couple more out and laid them on the ground. Then they got a couple more out and put them on stretchers. They got the one girl that was supposed to be paralyzed and screaming out using the jaws of life. The hospital helicopter landed on the field and they put the girl in the helicopter. It was pretty intense looking and very real-like. There were some kids in the stands that were crying. Hopefully the people in charge will think this went well and the kids will remember this and it will make an impact on them.

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The Beatty's said...

Wow! So much more intense than what we did for SADD a few weeks back!