Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Idol chat -- the top 6

After watching Tuesday's night performances I was real worried about Brooke. She has been my favorite all along. I voted for her about 30 times and I guess it worked because she was safe. She was as shocked as I was about it though. I think she had prepared herself to go home and really it should have her and Jason in the bottom 2. Jason is griping on my nerves. I don't like his style but he is also acting like he does not care about the competition. So the bottom 2 were Syesha and Carly. Both of them did a fantastic job last night. I have liked Carly all along and Syesha is growing on me. I was shocked and sad to see Carly go home. I think the final two will be David C. and David A. I think David C. should win but we shall wait and see. I was not too impressed with the Andrew Lloyd Weber theme and next week is Neil Diamond, I am not excited about that one either.

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