Monday, March 31, 2008

Color me red

Kyle has a couple of markers in his church bag. On the way home from church yesterday he got the red marker out and began coloring his arm red. Now he sits behind me so I can't see him. Finally Kailtyn says "Mom, look what Kyle did" (a favorite phrase of hers). He had colored almost his whole arm red. I asked him why he was coloring his arm and he says "I was trying to look like spiderman"


carrie ann said...

Arms clean easier than upholstery, yellow sweaters and walls. :) Good excuse, Kyle--and probably the real reason, bless his heart!

aytes5 said...

that is too funny. taylor loves the phrase "mom look what caleb is doing". it must be a brother/sister thing as she doesn't tell on madison unless she is doing something that might hurt her. i have to give kyle points for creativity though, sounds like something caleb would say.